Hello you. 

Would you like to hear a little about myself and what I can do for you? Ok, here we go.

I am Martina and the illustrator behind atelier artisserie. I found my love for drawing pretty much by accident, when I decided to create a special present for my best friend. I made her a big abstract painting on canvas, and ever since I was hooked. For years I was creating abstract drawings, but I wanted to learn more about drawing and illustration. So I took classes and gave myself a 365 drawing challenge to keep me going and learning. With this I got more and more into illustrations, and thats what you find here now.

My illustrations are full of happy colours and quirky creatures. Most of the time I use watercolour, ink pen, ink and everything I can find to create interesting structure and mixed media combinations.  Everybody needs colour and smiles and their lives, and thats what I am good at creating.

Have I got you interested in my work now? 

I can offer you a variety of happy and colourful illustrations, for your book or magazine, to pretty up your products or your packaging. Let me know what you need and we will find a pretty solution for you project.

Call me, text me or email me if you like me to draw for you.

Looking forward to your project



Phone: +49 176 812 54500

email: info@artisserie.de